State of FinTech in the CEE

The aim of our report is to present the current state of development and major trends in the CEE FinTech ecosystem. Our ambition is to highlight main barriers preventing FinTech companies from scaling-up and crucial problems that need to be addressed in order to foster the growth of such companies. We would also like to outline the most important changes influencing the CEE FinTech market that are to be introduced in the months or years to come.


We open our report with an introductory chapter presenting the CEE region, local FinTech market and financial services markets in particular countries. In the following chapters, we describe the three, key in our opinion, conditions for the development of FinTech start-up’s that we isolated in the course of our work: external financing opportunities, business support entities and regulatory&supervisory environment. Other important factors, like market innovation and adoption, customer awareness and approach of the incumbents are also briefly presented, especially in the introductory part.

See below samples of main parts of our Report.

Business support

Regulatory impact